Episode 3

This episode discusses the politics behind where you buy your chemicals and other supplies. Is is misinformation when a company or internet personality advertises themselves as the ‘little guy’ in order the generate brand loyalty and sales? Whether you buy from a large corporation or the ‘little guy, this episode sheds light on what goes on behind the scenes and the economic engine that shapes the market.

Rob Talkz Video Blog

Yes, I’ve decided to do a podcast/video blog. Why? It’s easier than writing a book. Let’s face it, nobody reads anymore and by the time I finished writing my book it would come out just in time for everybody to not read it.

I have a lot of infotainment to offer in the form of behind the scenes industry information and analysis, funny stories and expert industry knowledge. When I hang out with my industry friends and tell my stories they appear to be entertained. If they aren’t’ and they’re just humoring me then this will be a short lived social media experiment.

If you have any topics you want covered or if you’d like to volunteer to be a guest, email me at robertfalzone@robertfalzone.com.

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