Welcome to the Coval Certification Program information page! From here you will be able to get information about how to sign up for a class in your area.

Coval Certification training is not a rah-rah sales class set up to sell you more product. It is a class that will train you how to:

1: Identify the substrate that you intend to restore. Most field mistakes and errors occur in this stage because a surface is not properly identified. This class will cover the geology of natural stone and the manufacturing process of synthetic surfaces so that you will be an expert in the field of identification.

2: Qualify the substrate that you intend to restore. Coval has two great coatings for natural stone and other substrates. One is the Coval Stone Sealer (topical) and the other is Coval Natural Sealer (impregnating). Which one of these to products would work best? The Coval Stone Sealer that sits on top or the Coval Natural Sealer that penetrates below the surface? The Coval Certification training class goes into various scenarios to train you to successfully navigate this decision process.

3: Prepare the substrate that you intend to restore. Almost no one is going to call you to restore a brand new countertop or surface. Usually by the time restoration contractors like us get to the site, the surface is worn, stained and abused. If the first two step, Identify & Qualify were done successfully then you stand a good chance of choosing the correct preparation process for the target surface. Our Coval Certification training will go over the various best practices for preparation of the various types of substrates that you will encounter in the field.

4: Execute the installation process successfully and turn your client into a raving fan! This step requires skill and practice. Our Coval Certification class will provide your local distributor with Coval samples to practice your skill in your garage or workshop before brining Coval products onto paying job sites. Our Coval Certification class will have detailed ‘how to’ step by step instructions and helpful ‘how to’ videos to help pave the way for your continued success in using Coval products. You will have exclusive access to these ‘how to’ videos thru our private Coval Support Facebook Group.

The only way to get access to our private Coval Support Facebook Group is to attend a Coval Certification class. Our private support group will be moderated by Certified Coval installers intended to answer questions and provide support for product application support issues. Product availability and purchase issues will be handled by the local Coval distributor.

Send an email to and submit your personal name, your company name, your address, your telephone number, your email and your local distributor in order to get information about our next Coval Certification Training Program. If there is no local Coval distributor in your area, then there are options for remote classes via Zoom.

You can also type your detailed contact information into the comment box below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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